I write this post at 1am on Friday 15th (the same day it goes live). I realised I had forgot to write a post as I was trying to sleep (we I have to be up for work at 7am) I did consider just leaving this post go and apologising in the next one but I thought to myself. No! I have managed to post every other day up until now and today will not be the end of it.

To be able to do a post every other day in December I had to start y Christmas planning pretty early and I like most still manage to be rushing around with things to do with I just couldn’t predict or just completely forgot. But I do have a list o things I normally do to minimise these moments of stress.


Keep a to do list

My boyfriend has joked that if something isn’t on my to do list I wont get done. And he’s not wrong. I keep two to do lists. One in my bullet journal and one on my phone. Therefore I have no excuse for forgetting to do something really important.

I have a list of gift ideas and make a note when I have purchased any present.

Start Early

I believe in the saying “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. It did take me many of years to actually listen to this, but know I do I can’t imagine how stressed I’d be without a plan in advance.

My gift list has been in my bullet journal since October.

Tidy mind

I am not a practically tidy person (I’m not unclean just messy) but when you have presents everywhere and books all over the floor, its hard to stay motivated and honestly makes me crazy some days.

Remember to take some time to have a little clear up.

Stay Festive

When you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, remember to chill. Watch a film, just a drink. Have a little me time. You deserve it.

Sometimes you can’t predict the future (Being snowed in on the weekend you plan on getting the remainer of your gifts)
All you can do it accept the inevitable and adjust your plans.


As I said at the start I am writing this stupidly late. Therefore I know I still have areas to work on. If you have any good tips to help someone out. Comment below. I can always use a help in hand when it comes to organising my life.

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