I know its not the end of the month yet but I have posts to do with the new year starting next week, so this is a little early. Anyway Merry Christmas and Happy December to you all. I hope you have an amazing month and are thinking positively about the new year.

What I’m Wearing

Well this is what I planned on wearing to my works meal ( I have a make up look to go with it Here) but a couple days before the party my boyfriends car broke down so I was unable to get a lift home. Therefore I have to drive home so I wasn’t drinking. And as I wasn’t drinking (and decided to leave early) there was no point in getting all dressed up.

I’m wearing a black jumpsuit, which tighten at the waist and in case you didn’t notice, it was pockets. I pair this with nude shoes and a nude coat (see image below) I would have also taken my gold bag but I seem to have lost it.


This Month

Well this month has been fun but busy… Wow how many times have I said that this year. Probably every month. But it has been. With trying to put up a post every other day and I had an exam half way through the month meaning I had to juggle both tasks which I haven’t done to well at in the past (which is why I had large periods of times with no posts).

Next year I would like to continue on with this series (Outfit of the month) as I really enjoyed it and its a nice way to tell you a bit about me every month and how my fashion looks in real life.
But I have planned some changes to this series. If you want to find out what they are check out my next OOTM post.