With my love for talking and an interest in all things beautiful the Michelle Berry Blog was born. Writing about my lifestyle, make-up and animals gave me this sense of fulfillment I’d never felt before. I was born and still live in a small town in South Wales were sheep out number the people and mountains surround the town.

My rural upbringing made me appreciate nature and animals, creating a young girl who aspired to be a vet. Later in life my love for make up and fashion blossomed after watching Kate Moss on a runway, oh how I wanted to be her, until I learned about what models do to become so skinny! Now I have the best of all worlds, having a job I love, where I can dress to impress and come home to my cat and dog, but most importantly I get to share it with you all.

I hope you like reading my blog as much as enjoy writing it so if you do please show you’re support by following me so I can know who enjoys my content.

Michelle <3